traveling with kids

Chinese door in Hutong alley

Family Travel Contest: I is for Spy, T is for Treasure Hunts

The following is a post from The Perrin Post by Wendy Perrin of Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. WildChina founder Zhang Mei shares tips on traveling with children… Today’s tips come from Mei Zhang, mom of three...
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The mystic Yellow Mountain in Anhui

Food for your picky eaters in China

I don’t think anybody else can have a pickier eater than my son. I know, a lot of other mothers feel the same way about their own children. Well, traveling to China with picky eaters...
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Ethnic Minorities of China

Breastfeeding when traveling to China: My breast pump

I am about to travel to China with my 3 kids in 2 days. My youngest baby is only 9 months old and still happily nursing away. Formula? Tried once and was rejected completely. So,...
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