Ethnic Minorities of China

Opposing viewpoint: No to Lijiang?

This week on Twitter, we engaged in a short but telling debate with @chinaandbeyond, or blogger Jessica Marsden, on Lijiang, Yunnan province. After reading our tweets on our Chinese Treasures journey – our ‘China 101’ itinerary...
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A camel resting in the Gobi Desert

If this is your first and only time to China, where should you go?

A twitter post responding to a WildChina tweet prompted this blog piece: @Chinaandbeyond said: “I would trade Yunnan for Gansu or Sichuan, personally RT @WildChina: First and only time to China?” Gobi Desert in Gansu,...
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Chinese door in Hutong alley

WildChina Twitter Live Q+A, Question 2: Two Options for Winter Getaways in China

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and in the northern areas of China, winter has already hit in (almost) full force. Each year, during the months of December to February, the Middle Kingdom is in...
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Buddhist sculpture and art

WildChina Twitter Live Q+A: Answers for You, and Books for Children

Never been to China before? Don’t know where to start planning a trip? Maybe you’ve already been to China’s major cities and their respective attractions. You want a trip that is adventurous, off the beaten...
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