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China Journey

Nobody likes to be hurried, but if you’ve been putting off deciding whether you’re going to travel to China later this year, now is an ideal time to make those plans.

As this recent travel story in the New York Times reminds us all, travel to and within Asia is booming this year – especially here in China.

Bookings this year at WildChina and many travel agencies serving destination in China are up significantly from last year, making 2011 look like it could be the biggest China travel year since the Beijing Olympics.

It’s hard to believe that the first quarter of 2011 is nearly finished, but that doesn’t mean that it’s too late to book an unforgettable China experience for this year. Here’s a short list of some of the journeys we’re offering in the second half of 2011:

China Journey: The Ancient Tea and Horse Caravan Route with Jeff Fuchs

Departs: September 13

Book by: June 13

What you’ll do: Experience Yunnan’s timeless landscapes and cultures as you follow tea’s journey from the plantations of Xishuangbanna to teapots in Shangri-la

China Treasures: Beijing, Xi’an, Yunnan and Shanghai

Departs: October 26

Book by: July 26

What you’ll do: Take in classic sights while getting a crash course in today’s China: urban and rural, old and new, north and south

Suzhou to Hangzhou – The Grand Canal

Departs: Whenever you decide

Book by: Three months prior to your departure

What you’ll do: See the depth and breadth of China’s beautiful watertowns, ancient sanctuary to Imperial elite

To learn more about WildChina journeys, or to tailor your own, contact us today.

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