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The Great Outdoors: China’s Latest Travel Trend

For their August 2022 issue, Vogue China selected five experts to speak on the growing interest in outdoor recreation that’s sweeping Chinese social media, including WildChina’s own Mei Zhang. Here’s her take on the trend...
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Inbound Travel

Will Inbound Travel Return to China?

Will the Chinese border reopen? And even if it does, how many WildChina-type travel companies will survive? Will anyone be able to afford to visit China again?
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China’s tourism industry post-COVID – an interview with Mei Zhang

Interview by Emily Riddell – Published in DAO INSIGHTS Confidence in the government’s handling of COVID-19 has led to a steady recovery in China’s domestic tourism sector. Meanwhile, international destinations have had to adapt digitally...
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How To Travel Domestically In China: Green Codes and Health Kits in China’s COVID-19 Response

At the time of writing (Jan 2021), China’s borders are still closed to most international travelers. We’ve updated this article for those already in China and, if you’d like to be notified when we know...
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Traditional Chinese Architecture

Where Does Tourism in China Now Stand?

By Zhang Mei (Aug 08, 2020) Beijing’s Temple of Heaven in July. One evening a month ago, my husband walked into my study and asked, “Could you update your resume please? I don’t think it’s...
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Chinese door in Hutong alley

Eight Places to Visit as China Emerges From Coronavirus

By Zhang Mei (Apr 29, 2020) Zhihua Temple As I write this, fewer than 100 days have passed since Wuhan was locked down. Yet, we are living in a different world. While many of my...
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Beautiful night in an old town in Yunnan

Defer, Don’t Cancel Your China Trip

Photo: Andres Vargas The moment I knew it was time to close the office was when our contractor vanished. Work stopped on our half-done office renovation, newspaper lying on the ground to catch paint drops,...
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Girl praying at an ancient temple

A note from WildChina founder Mei Zhang on the coronavirus outbreak

Dear Friends, In the past twenty days, the coronavirus and the fight against it have become so much more personal. The initial instinct to hunker down to survive has been completely replaced with humility and...
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Winter Travel in China for Misanthropes

The Seashore Library, also called the “Lonely Library,” in Beidaihe in northern China. Photo: Courtesy of Aranya I can safely categorize myself as a misanthrope — a person who hates other people. Well, not exactly,...
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