Candles in a Buddhist temple

Co-operation the Key to Environmental Success

I have now entered my final week of work for Changqing Reserve. Not surprisingly, I am feeling a mixture of emotions leaving the place that has become home for me for some time now: Firstly...
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Ethnic Minorities of China

Infrared Cameras in Changqing Reserve

Photo of Giant Panda taken in Changqing Reserve by one of the infrared cameras Over the Christmas and New Years period I was blessed to have two of my good friends from back home come...
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Man looking after cattle on the Tibetan plateau

The Crested Ibis: A good news environmental story

As an environmentalist I feel as though I am continually reading and hearing ‘bad news’ environmental stories (particularly about China!), which over time can erode at the optimism and hope we need to be effective....
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Buddhist sculpture and art

Life in Huayang: From Seed to the Table

Upon reflection, as a ‘city girl, I guess I never thought much about where my food came from. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I knew apples grew on trees, and a pumpkin had to...
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