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When winter arrives, it brings snow which covers city streets in a silent white blanket. However, it is never long before the beautiful white crystals have been ground into a brown slurry in the streets. This icy mud splashes onto your legs in the crosswalk and calcifies on the sidewalk in irregular shapes which make any trip to your favorite coffee shop a treacherous expedition. The wind is bitingly cold and as it whips around you, you remember that December is only the first of winter’s three months. Time to escape this environment. Time to leave the slush behind. Time to come to China.

How about Winter Vacation in China?

In the winter, Beijing is not assailed with the same precipitation that plagues so many cities in the rest of the northern hemisphere. Sunny, crisp winter days, are a perfect time to stroll through Beijing‘s Tiananmen Square and enjoy a steaming bowl of Wonton soup in the afternoon. On a trip to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall, one can see for miles as the ancient structure snakes its way into the distance like a sleeping dragon.

How about Winter Vacation in China?

Are you looking to escape winter’s cold entirely? Look to Shanghai. With a latitude equal to the top of Florida, Shanghai provides a welcome respite from the cold of winter. Worried you will miss the jolly sparkle of the holiday’s lights in your city? Don’t be, Shanghai’s Bund has a magic all its own. Take one boat ride down its length and you will feel like a child as you gape in wonder at the explosion of color that surrounds you. While the cuisine in Shanghai certainly is not traditional yuletide fare, we can assure you that two days in Shanghai will bring an indulgence of delicious flavors to your pallet.

How about Winter Vacation in China?

If you’ve been to Shanghai how about a trip to Hong Kong the best city in the world? Truly the perfect town and country combo, Hong Kong provides all the delicious food choices of a city, with all the resplendent pleasure of a tropical holiday on its beaches. Save your Frye boots from another winter coat of industrial salt and come join us in China this winter for a holiday adventure that will have you wondering why you’d ever stay at home again. On a recent trip to Shanghai and Beijing a WildChina traveler said “Our eyes, minds, hearts AND stomachs have been opened in ways we could never have imagined before making this incredible journey. We feel extremely fortunate to have had this great adventure.” Join us for your winter vacation and who knows you may find the incredible journey that puts you in the holiday spirit.


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