Hot Pot

Candles in a Buddhist temple

5 Dishes That Will Have You Booking Your China Trip Right Now

A couple of spots have just opened up on celebrated food author, Fuchsia Dunlop’s, Gastronomic Tour of China in May. Read on for a little sampling of the trip that will make your mouth water, then...
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The mystic Yellow Mountain in Anhui

The HaiDiLao Hot Pot Experience

While not particularly well known among foreigners, almost any Chinese person you ask will be able to tell you about HaiDiLao Hot Pot (海底捞火锅). On the surface, HaiDiLao is a popular chain of restaurants serving hot...
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Rice Terraces in the south of China

A hot pot for The North Face

Last week, almost 30 of  VF and The North Face’s business leaders were looking to get together for a strategy session in Beijing. Since WildChina is partnered with The North Face for the WildChina Explorer...
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Man enjoying his tea

The Opus of Hot Pot

Bubbling ferociously, steam rising from its top, Inner Mongolia’s hot pot is one of a kind. How many meals can claim to offer both the complex taste of a delicious soup with the simple fun...
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Traditional Chinese Architecture

WildChina Twitter Live Q+A, Question 1: Staying Healthy While Dining in China

The WildChina Twitter Live Q+A question series is a collection of five questions either posed or inspired by WildChina’s Twitter Live Q+A session on Wednesday, November 11. If you have questions about China Travel, follow...
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