Panda Country

The mystic Yellow Mountain in Anhui

What to do in Chengdu: Pandas, Hot Pot, and Lazy Days in the Park

Here’s the essentials that you absolutely can’t miss on your trip to Chengdu, as well as a few extras that are well worth your time if you’ve got an extra day. Chengdu is home to...
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Chinese door in Hutong alley

Adventures on the Tibetan Plateau: No Permit Required

Summer is the perfect time for an adventure on the Tibetan Plateau. But you don’t have to go through the process of getting special permits to Tibet in order to experience the richly spiritual and...
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Tibetan Buddhism Flags

The Best Places to See Pandas in Chengdu

Updated: March 26, 2019 A trip to Sichuan is not complete without seeing China’s cuddly national icon, the giant panda. There are three main options for panda viewing in Chengdu, each with its unique draws. Read...
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Fisherman in YangShuo

China Travel: Discover Mount Emei in Sichuan

Check out this on the road experience from WildChina’s travel product design manager, Colleen O’Connor, and discover an unknown trail situated deep in Emei’s sacred mountain range, just waiting to be explored…by you! We traveled...
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Beautiful night in an old town in Yunnan

Discover Danba – Tibetan gem in western Sichuan

Traveling is easy these days. Planes, trains and ferries criss-cross the globe, Google maps and GPS can pinpoint your location in minute detail, and thousands of guidebooks, websites and blogs provide real-time information on almost...
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Buddhist sculpture and art

Sipping on Chengdu’s legendary teahouse culture

The buzzing metropolis of Chengdu may be most famous for being the capital of Sichuan cuisine, but its identity is not linked to food alone – is also arguably the Chinese city with the most...
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Ethnic Minorities of China

Simple Sichuan (from the heart)

“While cooking, we don’t measure ingredients. We cook with our heart.“ ~Yáng Hóngyǐng 杨宏影 Yáng Hóngyǐng 杨宏影 (daughter) and Wáng Shúlíng 王淑玲 (mother) live together in Chengdu Chengdu, Sichuan, China — In 2007, a visit...
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Traditional Chinese Architecture

WildChina Twitter Live Q+A, Question 4: Sichuan’s Spicy Sauces

One of the joys of traveling to China certainly lies in the variety of food that travelers can consume here. From noodles to dumplings, soups to sautees, meat skewers to elaborate fish platters, sweet to...
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