Tea and Horse Caravan

Buddhist sculpture and art

Backstage pass to Yunnan

Although WildChina is proud of all its itineraries, it is not every one that has a National Geographic award. One such lucky trip is WildChina’s Tea and Horse Caravan. Recognized in 2012 by National Geographic...
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Man enjoying his tea

Tibetan Jewelry: Insights from Jeff Fuchs + Chris Buckley

Last week, during a talk at the Capital M Literary Festival, Jeff Fuchs said something that got me thinking: “Tibetans own nothing but masses of land, huge herds and a fortune in rocks”. He was...
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Interview With Our Expert – Yunnan Culture Expert Zhang Xilu

A leading expert on the ancient Nanzhao Kingdom and a distinguished leader in the intellectual community in Dali, Yunnan Province, Zhang Xilu is an invaluable resource for any traveler interested in Dali culture and the...
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