Interview with Professor Frank Hawke

One of the first 8 Americans who came over to study in China in the late 1970’s, Frank Hawke is a well-known figure in Beijing. Currently, Frank is the Chairman of Greater China for Kroll,...
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Interview With Our Expert – Yunnan Culture Expert Zhang Xilu

A leading expert on the ancient Nanzhao Kingdom and a distinguished leader in the intellectual community in Dali, Yunnan Province, Zhang Xilu is an invaluable resource for any traveler interested in Dali culture and the...
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Great Wall of China

Interview With Our Expert – Beijing Great Wall Expert William Lindesay

William Lindesay has lived in China for 14 years during which he has spent "more than 800 days on the Great Wall." In 1987, he made what China's Xinhua News Agency described as "the most...
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Expert Profile: Anne Warr, Shanghai Architect

Anne Warr is an architect who has lived in Shanghai since 2003. Anne earned an MA in Heritage Conservation from the University of York, UK and worked for ten years as Heritage Manager for the...
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