April 13, 2021

WildChina On-Air: China’s Great Rivers With Ed Norton (Event #71)

Join us as we celebrate Earth Day by talking about China's great rivers with explorer and conservationist, Ed Norton.
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Chinese door in Hutong alley

Earth Day: Track pandas and monkeys as part of new conservation efforts

Featured Image by Aaron Berkovich, WildChina Explorer Grant Applicant 2016. 49 years ago, Earth Day was established as a worldwide event to recognize the importance of political action and civic participation in protecting our world from...
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Tibetan Buddhism Flags

Return to the Three Gorges

Return to the Three Gorges: At WildChina we take pride in showing people unseen corners of the country, but sometimes we like to visit the places that everyone else goes, places that we typically don’t...
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A camel resting in the Gobi Desert

Slow Food Saturday: A green approach to food in Beijing

Is China becoming a ‘Fast Food Nation’? Just two decades ago, most people in China ate relatively low-fat meals and regularly rode their bicycles to get around. Obesity was extremely rare. Fast forward to today:...
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Man looking after cattle on the Tibetan plateau

China Scholar Orville Schell: Why Choose WildChina?

For those of us who’ve spent years studying China, Orville Schell is a very familiar name. His books, like The China Reader: The Reform Era, are widely read by students and policymakers alike, and his talks on...
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Rice Terraces in the south of China

Environmental Changes in Yunnan

Climate change often seems like an abstract concept to many of us. But as renowned China scholar Orville Schell writes in “The Thaw at the Roof of the World,” his recent New York Times op-ed,...
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Candles in a Buddhist temple

What We’re Reading: NatGeo in Shangri-La

Yunnan continues to be an inspiration for interesting commentary, with National Geographic‘s May 2009 issue featuring a piece on Shangri-la (Zhongdian). Mark Jenkins explores this “complicated” and “confounding” Tibetan town in southwest China and the competing visions...
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