Ethnic Minorities of China

Noodle-licious Love! Hand-pulled Noodles of Your Choice at Noodle Bar in Beijing

Hand-pulled noodles, freshly-made broth, and an open kitchen? Welcome to Noodle Bar, part of 1949 The Hidden City. Enter the tiny room and pick one of only 12 stools around the bar; with so few...
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The Legend Behind Yunnan’s Famous Crossing the Bridge Noodles

When you have a cultural and culinary history as long as China’s, you’ll find that a lot of customs and dishes have legends behind them. One of our favorites is the touching story of the...
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Chinese door in Hutong alley

Off the beaten path in Shimen County

Shimen (石门) County of Changde (常德) prefecture in Hunan province — On a trip through Hunan to learn home-style recipes, the train from Changsha passes flooded rice fields gridding the landscape. A mixture of earthen homes and...
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Fisherman in YangShuo

Four (Delicious) Ways to Beat the Cold in Shanxi Province

When traveling to Shanxi Province (not to be confused with its neighbor, Shaanxi Province) this autumn and winter, the words “wool,” “fleece,” and “long underwear” quickly come to mind. Though Shanxi is located southwest of...
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