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It’s been over a year now since China reopened its doors to international travelers, and we are happy to see that travelers from around the world have wasted no time in returning to the Middle Kingdom. With a growing list of nationalities that can visit China visa-free and ongoing expansion to international and domestic flights, and train routes, we can comfortably say that visiting China in 2024 is easier than ever before. 

Here is our guide on how to visit China in 2024, everything you need to know, and what (little) is needed to prepare for your trip. Do I need a visa to enter China? 

Yes, most travelers will need a visa to enter China. The good news is, that there is a great global visa service that walks you through everything you need to apply for your visa, helping you every step of the way.

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You can use the above link to check if you will need a visa or not and we’ve also put together a small infographic on the nationalities (ordinary passport-holders from these countries) that can currently visit China visa-free for tourism (as of April 2024). It is also worth noting that China has visa-free policies for transiting through the country (in sum, you must be arriving from and departing to different countries) which allow up to 144-hour stays in the country.  

How to Visit China in 2024 
How to Visit China in 2024 

When should I apply for my visa to China? 

We recommend applying for your Chinese tourist visa around 60 days before your trip begins. Your WildChina travel designer will provide a visa invitation letter for your visit  

Are there any entry restrictions (apart from visa requirements)? 

No, there are no other restrictions.  

Are there any vaccine requirements or health restrictions? 

No, there are no required vaccines or health restrictions to enter China, but we recommend you check with your healthcare provider on any recommended routine vaccines for travel to China.  

Are there any restrictions on domestic travel around China? 

No, domestic travel is fully open and restriction-free. 

What to expect at the airport 

Arrival at the airport follows similar steps as with most airport arrivals around the world, with no notable exceptions. However, if you want to skip the crowds after a long flight, we recommend WildChina’s VIP airport arrival service for a fast-track, hassle-free airport experience.  

Do I need to prepare any special payment methods before going to China? 

We recommend you take the time to read our guide to using digital payment systems in China. While cash and credit cards are accepted in some cases, merchants in China are swiftly transitioning to cashless mobile payment methods, which you may find easier to navigate if you come prepared.  

When is the best time to visit China? When should I avoid traveling to China? 

China’s sheer size means there’s something for everyone all year round. However, we recommend you pay attention to some of the major national holidays during which travel may be difficult with most places overcrowded and very busy.  The main holidays to avoid are Chinese New Year (the exact dates for CNY change year to year, with most falling in late January or early February), the May Day holiday (the first week of May), and Golden Week (the first week of October). Other than that, generally speaking, spring and fall are the best times to travel in China. We’ve even put together a full article on our recommendations for where to travel in China in spring. Summer can be very hot, depending on where in China you are, and also busier than usual since kids are on summer break and traveling with their families during this time. Explore our full summer travel in China recommendations here

It’s my first time in China, where should I start? 

For first-time visitors to China, we recommend this episode of our China Travel Podcast with WildChina founder Mei Zhang, where she addresses many questions about planning a trip to China for the first time. For all our WildChina guests, we provide a comprehensive pre-departure guide on preparing for a trip to China.