Every month, we host sharing sessions with experts in their field that are dedicated to helping you foster a different understanding of China.

WildChina On-Air

Hosted by WildChina founder Mei Zhang, is a series of virtual talks with leading experts and scholars on China across a multitude of fields. From historic Buddhist grottoes to modern art to primate conservation, WildChina On-Air aims to bring the best and most remote facets of China to you, wherever in the world you are. Sign-up for WildChina On-Air’s upcoming events and catch-up on previous ones while you’re waiting.

WildChina Academy

Led by WildChina founder Mei Zhang, features lectures by leaders in the travel and hospitality industry, and aims to provide resources for travel professionals in China to broaden their horizons and grow their businesses in a sustainable and personal manner.

Join the community here (please note this is a Mandarin-language platform).

WildChina On-Air Speakers

Alec Ash

Alec Ash


Amy Chua


Caroline Cheng

Ceramic Artist and Owner of The Pottery Workshop
Carolyn Phillips

Carolyn Phillips

Author, Artist and Food Scholar
Ching Tien

Ching Tien

Founder of Educating Girls of Rural China

Cindy Chen

Founder of WuyiOrigin Tea Factory
Connie Zhang

Connie Zhang (康妮)

Author and Businesswoman

David Eimer

Journalist and Author

Dorinda Elliott

SVP, Director of Programs and Center for Business at the China Institute

Dr. Craig Kirkpatrick

USAID Regional Wildlife Conservation Adviser for Asia
helen kelly

Dr. Helen Kelly

Researcher, Writer, and Champion of School Wellbeing
Dr. Jane Goodall Zoom downsize

Dr. Jane Goodall

DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messengers of Peace, Founder of the Roots & Shoots

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee

Chairman and CEO, Sinovation Ventures, President, Sinovation Ventures Artificial Intelligence Institute

Dr. Kuanghan Li (李光涵)

Project Director, Global Cultural Heritage Foundation

Dr. Neil Schmid

Scholar-in-Residence at the Dunhuang Academy
Ye Wa

Dr. Ye Wa (叶娃)


Ed M. Norton

Former senior advisor to the Nature Conservancy, China
Eileen Cheng

Eileen Cheng


Emma Gao

Owner of Silver Heights Vineyard & Winery

Fred Young

Founder of Rainbow of Hope

Fuchsia Dunlop

Chef and Author

Gabby Gabriel

Co-Founder of Gab China

Gao Hong (高虹)

Pipa Soloist, Composer, and Educator

Georgia Freedman

Travel Writer and Author

Hua Li (华黎)

Founder and Lead Architect of TAO
Huang Zhengyu

Huang Zhengyu (黄征宇)

President of the Committee of 100

Ignace Lecleir

Owner and Founder of the TRB Group

Janet Z. Wang

Wine Author

Jean-Paul Tennant

CEO of Geographic Expeditions

Jenny Chou

Co-Founder Studio Atlas

Jill Tang

Co-Founder of Ladies of Who Tech
Jim Harkness

Jim Harkness

China Country Director at National Geographic Society

Jindong Cai (蔡金冬)

Conductor, Author, and Educator
jing gao

Jing Gao

Founder of Fly By Jing
Jing Tsu

Jing Tsu

Travel Writer and Author

Julia Lovell

Professor of Modern China @Birkbeck College, University of London

Kang Wei

Director, Land Conservation Strategy at The Nature Conservancy China

Karen Fedorko Sefer

Owner of Sea Song Tours

Ken Wilcox

Emeritus Chairman of Silicon Valley Bank
Kyle Obermann

Kyle Obermann

Environmental Photographer and Founder of Explore to Conserve

Lisa See


Long Yongcheng (龙勇诚)

Chief Scientist of Alashan SEE Southwest Center and Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Primate Society

Luan Shixuan (栾诗璇)

Curator at UCCA Beijing
Luo Deyin

Luo Deyin (罗德胤)

Architecture Professor and Deputy Chairman of the Traditional Village Expert Steering Committee

Matilda Ho

Managing Director of Bits x Bites
Matthew Upchurch Virtuoso

Matthew Upchurch

Virtuoso CEO & Founder

Mei Zhang

Founder and Chairlady

Michelle Garnaut

Founder and CEO of the M Restaurant Group
mimi kwa

Mimi Kwa


Neil Zhang (张南昭)

Assistant Curator at UCCA Beijing

Patrick Cranley

Shanghai History Expert

Philip Tinari

Director and Chief Executive of the UCCA Center for Contemporary Art
Qiu Xiaolong

Qiu Xiaolong

Novelist & Poet
Salome Tan Bo

Salome Tan Bo (谭波)

Vice President and Regional Director of Christie’s Impressionist and Modern Art Department (China)

Sheila Melvin

Author and Business Writer
Shunan Teng Tea Drunk

Shunan Teng

Founder and CEO of Tea Drunk
16. 王烨 Steven Wang

Steven Wang (王烨)

President of Liuhe Venture Capital
Tang Huisheng

Tang Huisheng (汤慧生)

Archaeology Expert
Wang Jianxin

Wang Jianxin (王建新)

Archaeology Expert

William Lindesay

English author, runner, and conservationist
Xi Zhinong

Xi Zhinong (奚志农)

Wildlife Photographer and Founder of Wild China Film

Xiao Lin (肖林)

Former Director of the Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve, Deqing

Xinran Xue

Author, journalist and activist

Zachary Rabinor

Founder and President of Journey Mexico
Zhao Chao

Zhao Chao (赵超)

Archaeology Expert
Zhong Tai

Zhong Tai (钟泰)

Deputy Director of Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve & Winner of the Alashan SEE Ecological Award

WildChina Academy Speakers

elizabeth haenle

Elizabeth Haenle

Co-founder and President of SAGE Worldwide
feng tang photo

Feng Tang (冯唐 )

Writer, Founder of Oneness Consulting Company, Director of So-Young International Inc.
郭建英 Guo Jianying

Guo Jianying (郭建英)

Classical Music Writer

Jonathan Lopez

Content Strategy Manager at Bytedance

Leo Zheyuan Li (李柘远)

Partner of Jinying Technology Co., Ltd. and Founder of XueZhang LEO (学长LEO)

Li Yinuo (李一诺)

Founder of ETU Education
li yongliang speaking

Li Yongliang (李永良)

Senior Exhibition Operator, Secretary General of the Rural Revival Forum
Matthew Upchurch Virtuoso

Matthew Upchurch

Virtuoso CEO & Founder
ye mei

Mei Ye(梅叶)

Board Director of Shenwan Hongyuan Group in China and Bekaert in Belgium, Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Company

Michelle Liang(梁钰鸣)

Chief Operating Officer of Wellington College China
michelle zhang photo

Michelle Zhang

Founder of The Society of Hearts Delight
Ninie Wang

Ninie Wang (王燕妮)

Founder and CEO of Pinetree Care Group

Sara Vaca

Sara Vaca – Strategy & Operations Lead at Didi
steven zhao

Steven Zhao

China Highlights CEO
Sue Feng photo

Sue Feng (冯澍)

Director of Marketing and Communications at ETU Education

Thomas Piachaud

Director of Consulting at Kantar, and Cambridge Doctorate in Optoelectronics

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A Herpetological Expedition in China

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Archaeology Along the Silk Road with Dr. Ye Wa

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